ABCs of Pool Maintenance

Maintaining the Perfect Pool is as Easy as ABC! You can count on Pinch A Penny to keep bacteria and algae from affecting your pool's sparkle. With the ABCs of pool maintenance and Suncoast pool chemicals, you'll have the crystal-clear, beautiful swimming pool you want!

The Benefits Of Using Liquid Chlorine

Suncoast Gold™ is the freshest, strongest chlorine available - guaranteed! Suncoast Gold™ is perfect for everyday chlorination, for spring pool openings, and to shock your pool to maintain appropriate chlorine levels.

Understanding Water Balance

H2Oh! - Understanding the chemical composition of a healthy pool. Many unwanted items can be introduced to and can harm your pool, prevent chemical treatments from doing their job, make the water unhealthy, make pool water visually unappealing, or all of the above. The two most important things to remember about the healthy pools are that they must be sanitized and must be balanced.

Keeping Your Pool Sanitary

What's The Best Way To Keep Your Pool Sanitary? Chlorine is - clearly!

Chlorine has been the cost-effective swimming pool sanitation method of choice for over 100 years! There are many types of chlorine, but they all have some very important things in common. Chlorine is safe enough to sanitize your drinking water, and strong enough in the right concentrations and correct dosages to kill harmful germs, contaminants, bacteria and viruses!

Chlorine Alternatives

What About Chlorine Alternatives? Using pool chlorine is a safe, proven method for keeping pool water sanitized and healthy. Chlorine kills bacteria, mold, and algae at all water temperatures and keeps pools crystal-clear.

Pool Stain Removal

Pool Stain Solutions from Pinch A Penny. Unbalanced water, leaves, debris, algae and metal objects left in the pool are just a few of the many causes of pool stains. There are so many different reasons for pool stains it can be hard to know exactly why they are occuring.

Pool Water Problems

A helpful chart about how to fix pool water problems.

Salt Pool Basics

The Basics of Saltwater Pools. In order to have a salt pool, you must have a piece of pool equipment called a salt chlorine generator (also called an electronic chlorine generator).

Pool Safety Tips

The number-one pool safety tip to remember is that there is never any substitute for alert adult supervision when children are in or around swimming pools.

Mechanical Troubleshooting Guide for Pool Equipment

If you are experiencing pool equipment problems and don't know what to do about a mechanical issue, this pool owner's reference guide on how to fix mechanical problems with your pool's equipment will help!

Hurricane & Severe Weather Tips

Helpful information to protect your pool and patio in the event of severe weather or hurricanes.