Tips on Using Insta-Test 5 Pool Test Strips

  • The unique PopTop vial comes with a molded desiccant sleeve insert. This eliminates the need for a desiccant pillow and provides more protection for test strips from moisture intrusion. Do not remove the sleeve. A properly closed vial is 100% leakproof and airtight. Keep wet fingers out of the bottle. Strips pads will react if they get wet, so shake out a strip and pick it up with dry fingers.
  • Close vial tightly after removing pool test strip. To keep moisture out of the bottle, press down the center of the cap to seal it quickly after removing a strip.
  • Immerse strip to a depth of 12"-18". In pools, this assures a representative sample of the pool water and not just the surface where evaporation takes place. In spas, swirl with the jets off.
  • Read in natural daylight. Sodium vapor lightbulbs can make color-matching difficult.
  • Store in a cool, dry place. Indoors is best, since extreme heat and moisture could reduce the shelf life of the strips.

Courtesy of LaMotte