Liquid chlorine is an affordable and popular way to sanitize pool water. The active ingredient in liquid chlorine is Sodium Hypochlorite and it begins working immediately as soon as it enters the pool water.

We at Pinch A Penny sell more liquid chlorine than any other pool company in the world. At each and every Pinch A Penny store we fill new chlorine jugs daily, ensuring you always receive the freshest most effective chlorine.

Liquid chlorine is not only used for regular everyday chlorination, but also used for winterizing and spring pool openings. Swimming pool liquid chlorine can also be used in place of pool shock to maintain appropriate chlorine levels. When it's time to sanitize or shock your pool, Pinch A Penny's Suncoast Gold™ is the strongest and freshest chlorine available.

Liquid Chlorine Benefits

  • Available in refillable 2.5 gallon containers
  • Most affordable and effective chlorine type available
  • Provides 10-13% available chlorine
  • Dissolves easily into the water
  • Kills all living microorganisms, bacteria and contaminants
  • Clears cloudy pool water fast
  • Algae control
  • Liquid chlorine is safer – No more worrying about having the chlorine tablet feeder floating around the pool, getting into children’s hands or pet’s mouths.

While your pool filtration system is running, pour liquid chlorine directly into the pool water as close to the pool water as possible. If you have a mechanical chlorinator, feed the liquid chlorine through that.

Liquid chlorine is not protected from the sun’s UV rays so apply liquid chlorine early in the morning or later in the evening to receive the best sanitizing results. Liquid chlorine has a pH level of 13 which requires acid to be added to the pool water to help neutralize the high pH level.

Visit your nearest Pinch A Penny for more information about using liquid chlorine to sanitize your swimming pool!