Make Pool Safety A Family Affair!

Poolside fun and safety should always go hand in hand. That’s why Pinch A Penny carries the widest assortment of pool safety products you’ll find anywhere - everything from alarms and Coast Guard-approved buoys to life preservers. While nothing can replace adult supervision, these products will help you feel secure in the fact that you’ve made your pool a safe haven for the whole family.

The number-one pool safety tip to remember is that there is never any substitute for alert adult supervision when children are in or around swimming pools. Make sure your children follow the Buddy System and never swim without a partner.

Important Pool Safety Tips:

  • No matter what the age of a child, adult supervision can help avoid injuries due to rough play or when children become tired.
  • Always maintain visual contact when children are swimming.
  • Get out of the water immediately if a storm approaches.
  • Keep a shepherd’s crook (like lifeguards use) and hard foam life preserver nearby in case of emergency.
  • Use floating markers to indicate where shallow water begins to deepen.
  • Use depth markings to clearly indicate the depth of the water.
  • Make sure at least one family member is CPR certified.
  • Fence in any pool area, and keep gates locked.
  • We always recommend using pool, door and gate alarms to help provide an early warning of any unexpected entry into the pool. This is a simple additional safeguard to employ even if your pool has a safety barrier.
  • Keep your pool chemicals in a locked chemical storage area away from the water.
  • Keep a phone with you poolside at all times.

Swimming pools provide backyard fun for family, friends, neighbors and guests. They host our summer pool parties and give us beautiful water to enjoy in our own backyard. This beautiful thing called a swimming pool can also be extremely dangerous and should be used with caution. Always put safety first in and around the pool for children and adults. 

Your local Pinch A Penny store knows how important pool safety is. They value the protection of your family and friends by carrying the widest assortment of pool safety products you'll find anywhere. Pinch A Penny carries tested pool alarms and door alarms. At Pinch A Penny, you'll find pool safety equipment you can trust. Although alert adult supervision is required whenever any child is in or near a pool, these pool safety products will give you peace of mind about your pool and your family's safety.