Win the battle against pool stains! 

Several conditions can lead to staining, such as acidic water, alkaline water, leaves, algae or metal objects left in the pool. Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to pinpoint the cause of the stain, which can be a combination of several factors. That’s why you need to trust your Pinch A Penny expert to help you pinpoint the cause and offer a solution. We’re the only pool care store that has the products you need to clean up even the ugliest-looking stains.

With our proven, exclusive stain treatment program, we can help you not only pinpoint the cause of most stains but treat them effectively. Remember, stains in your pool are like stains on clothing; with the right advice and right product, you can get just about anything out! There are so many different reasons for stains it can be hard to know exactly why they are occurring. Luckily, Pinch A Penny has everything you need to find the culprit and get the proper solution. We offer supplies that will help you clear up even the worst stains.

The Pinch A Penny solution pinpoints the cause of the stain and then helps you treat it properly. A step-by-step process makes it easy, and if you have questions at any stage, your local Pinch A Penny store can help! The best way to stop guessing what caused your stain is to use a Suncoast Stain IDentification Kit. Have your local Pinch A Penny Pool Care Expert test your pool water to make sure it's balanced and then test the stain using the Suncoast Pool Stain ID Kit. Once you find out exactly what type of stain you are dealing with, you can get the right treatment product with products like Suncoast Super Metal Control, Ultimate Metal Control, Stop Stains or Iron & Cobalt Stain Remover. These treatments have proven to be effective and will save you infinitely more money than the alternative solution- draining and acid washing your pool.

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