The Revacil program is designed to let you spend more time enjoying your pool than you do treating your pool. Here are some important tips for the Revacil program.

  • Exceeding 50 ppm of Revacil Sanitizer in your pool might give pool water a bitter taste, cause discomfort for swimmers, and cause foaming on the water's surface. Putting too much RevaBlue in your pool will make pool water dull. If either of these things happens, simply drain several inches of water from the pool and refill with fresh water.
  • Use of a fountain or waterfall in a Revacil pool may cause some foam in pool water.
  • When you pour RevaTop36 in the pool, always put the bottle in the water with the neck just above the waterline in order to avoid splashing RevaTop36 in your eyes.
  • Organic debris tends to accumulate around the waterline of all swimming pools. Due to the chemical nature of Revacil, you may have slightly heavier deposits, especially during the first few weeks after converting to Revacil and during your first backwash. To remove these deposits, simply drain your water below the waterline and use Revanet cleaner.

To be on the safe side, bring a water sample to your local Pinch A Penny pool supplies store to ensure that your pool water is properly balanced. Never take a water sample after adding chemicals to the pool; wait 8-12 hours and let pool water circulate. It is best to bring the water sample as soon as possible after that to your local Pinch A Penny. Do not leave it in your car; this could change the readings the store gets on the sample, especially for pool pH.