The SolarTouch® solar system by Pentair® offers you digital precision no other pool solar controller can match, so you enjoy unparalleled efficiency and unbeatable ease of use. Here are some tips on SolarTouch Solar System Installation and Start-Up.

Solar System Installation

  • To ensure maximum flow of water through the solar panels, a solar booster pump may be required if panels are installed at a very high elevation. Please review your filter pump specifications.
  • Pentair recommends that solar panels are mounted in a way that allows gravity to facilitate draining whenever the filter pump or solar is not on. A positive sealed valve is recommended.
  • Using check valves as isolation valves to prevent backflow into the solar collector is not recommended. Check valves can fail and are not considered positive sealing.

SolarTouch Solar System Start-Up

  1. Switch power on to the SolarTouch solar controller. Set the Target Temperature to a “high” temperature to find the ideal water temperature setting after the pool / spa warms up.
  2. Set the filter pump time accordingly. Note: Remember to turn SolarTouch off before backwashing your pool filter. After backwashing has completed, wait 20 minutes before turning SolarTouch back on.
  3. If pool cleaner protection has been added to the system, the pool cleaner pump motor should be activated whenever the pool cleaner timer is on. Momentarily turn the pool cleaner on and off to make sure the motor is operating correctly.
  4. Be sure the Solar Valve is in the “solar bypass” position, diverting water away from the solar panels when solar is off. If the Solar Valve is staged incorrectly (diverting water to the solar panels), reverse the switch on the back of the Valve Actuator (change from ON1 to ON2, or vice-versa). The Valve Actuator will automatically rotate to the correct position.
  5. The system is now ready to be operated as desired.