Pinch A Penny is celebrating 45 pool seasons! From starting in a storage space in 1975 to over 255 stores, we have come a long way! At Pinch A Penny we take great pride in being the leading franchise system in the swimming pool industry. No one has been doing it longer than us when it comes to serving our customers. Our model has been proven successful hundreds of times over across more than 4 decades. We are still a family-owned, private enterprise, born and bred in the United States.

first pinch a penny store

Pinch A Penny began with the Thomas family opening a discount store within an industrial park in Clearwater, Florida. This first store evolved into a full-time, full-service retail pool supply store offering everything needed to operate and enjoy a swimming pool or spa. Pinch A Penny began issuing franchises in 1976, always promoting its “family-owned” culture. Today, Pinch A Penny provides virtually every product needed to help you enjoy a pool or spa to its fullest, such as chemicals, equipment, patio furniture, giftware, toys and floats.

At Pinch A Penny, we define success as being the best at helping our customers solve or prevent their pool and spa problems. We want to make pool ownership easy and affordable. Our belief is that when we teach people how to maintain their pools it is more cost-effective. Preventing a problem is cheaper than fixing it and we try to pass that knowledge along. We are here to serve our customers and give them the confidence and help they need to care for their pools.


Pinch A Penny stores are all staffed with fully trained experts. We have more Certified Pool Operators than any other company and our continuing education programs are unparalleled. Why trust your swimming pool or spa to anyone else? Only Pinch A Penny gives you the answers, tools, and products you need to make your pool care routine go swimmingly.

The last 45 pool seasons have been great, and this one is going to be the best one yet!

Pinch A Penny 45 years

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