Alternative Sanitizers

What Are Some Chlorine Alternatives?

Using pool chlorine is a safe, proven method for keeping pool water sanitized and healthy, and it has been used for decades. It kills bacteria, mold, and algae at all water temperatures and keeps pools crystal-clear. Used in the proper concentrations, it is the sole reason we have purified drinking water. However, it is a chemical; many people view chemicals in a harmful way and would prefer to use sanitizing alternatives for their pools. Due to some pool owners' wish to use a chlorine alternative, Pinch A Penny offers a variety of options. Owners can choose from mineral-based or chemical sanitizing systems as alternatives but should be aware that these methods can cost six to ten times more than chlorine.

Note: When you use a chlorine alternative, you will need a chemical oxidizer to eliminate organic materials in your water.

Revacil® and Revablue 

Revacil is a strong, chlorine-free way to sanitize pool water. Revacil is also an algistat, a chemical that inhibits the growth of algae. If you are looking for a non-chlorine solution with no odors and no bleaching effects, Revacil Sanitizer is the product for you. Revacil will give your swimming pool crystal-clear water if used on a weekly basis.

If you want to keep algae away from your pool, Pinch A Penny offers Revablue, a non-foaming algaecide that can be used safely with Revacil sanitizer. It is a great product that will prevent the development and growth of algae.

Salt Generators and Chlorine Generators

Another alternative is to sanitize your pool with a chlorine generator. These generators create what are commonly known as salt pools and produce chlorine from a mixture of salt and water. These generators are not 100% chlorine-free sanitizing alternatives, but they greatly reduce the amount of chlorine needed to keep the water healthy and clean. Salt pools have no saltwater taste, are gentle on clothes and skin and save you money in the long run because the use of chemicals is greatly reduced.

Pinch A Penny carries a full line of salt generator systems. Many of the options available are affordable and do-it-yourself, giving you the freedom to take charge of your pool. All you have to do is add salt. Switching has never been easier, and now you can spend less time worrying about pool chemistry with these compact and advanced units. Some popular models include the Hayward AquaRite Salt Generator, the Jandy AquaPure Ei and the Pentair IntelliChlor system. For more information, visit a Pinch A Penny near you.


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