Texas Variable Speed Pump Energy Rebates

If you have a pool in Texas you should have a variable speed pump. Variable speed pumps are long-lasting, quiet and, best of all, they save you money! Energy Star-rated variable speed pumps:

• Use up to 65% less energy than standard pool pumps.

• Save you around $723* per year in energy bills.

• Get a return on your investment in less than two years!

Energy Star certified pool pumps save energy by using different speeds for different water flow needs. This is in contrast to single speed pumps which use the same speed regardless of application. So not only will you have big energy savings; you’ll also get high performance. It’s a huge upgrade.

Now the deal gets even sweeter. Upgrade your pool pump to an eligible Energy Star variable speed pump and get an incentive rebate from your utility company! Currently, CenterPoint in the Houston area and CPS Energy in San Antonio offer home energy incentive rebates. To qualify for either program, all you have to do is buy an Energy Star VS pump and have it installed by a Pinch A Penny licensed contractor. Then you will be eligible to receive an incentive rebate from CenterPoint or CPS. If you live in another area or have a different energy company, check the Energy Star site for offers that may apply to you.

Promotions are going on now in Texas, so it’s the perfect time to purchase a new swimming pool pump from Pinch A Penny. To find a store near you, click below.

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*Savings based on using the Pentair pool pump savings calculator using an IntelliFlo VSF vs. 1.5 HP single speed pump for a 20,000-gallon pool with the pump running for 10 hours a day at 1,400 RPM at 11¢/kwh for 12 months.

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