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These AquaChek Pro II pool and spa water test strips conveniently combine three tests!

  • High-range and low-range total hardness
  • Cyanuric acid
  • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
These AquaChek Pro II test strips feature an improved test for Cyanuric Acid, allowing you to test Cyanuric Acid up to 300 ppm (mg/L) and working under a wide range of pool conditions. These water test strips help correct and prevent:
  • Excessive chlorine loss from sunlight and UV radiation due to low levels of stabilizer (cyanuric acid)
  • Hazy pool water
  • Scale build-up and corrosion
The improved chemistry in these pool water test strips offers enhanced colors for greater color distinction and easier readability. Just dip an AquaChek Cyanuric Acid strip in pool or spa water and you will get test results in seconds! 25 strips per bottle.