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The Aquatic Fitness Kit comes with a power trio of toning tools. Boost your workout with the aquatic resistance dumbbells, aquatic floating belt, and neoprene aquatic resistance gloves.

Features Include:

  • The Aquatic Fitness Flotation Belt
  • Provides excellent floatation to help maximize your full body workout routines
  • Adjustable belt and clip system accommodates various body types and makes for a secure fit.
  • Constructed with ergonomically designed EVA foam, the most soft and comfortable aquatic flotation belts on the market.

Aquatic Resistance Dumbbells

  • Provides flotation and resistance in order to help build upper body strength.
  • Engineered with EVA foam making them extremely lightweight and buoyant.
  • Chlorine resistant.
  • Easy to hold, soft grips, ideal for long workouts.

Neoprene Aquatic Resistance Gloves

  • Perfect for upper body aquatic resistance training.
  • Durable and designed to retain body heat.
  • Wrist closure for easy adjustment and a rubber coated palm for a secure non-slip grip.
  • Webbed finger panels create better resistance, while exposed fingertips allow for better water feel.