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EasyClean DE Pool Filter by Pentair Aquatic Systems. 

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is proven to be the most effective filtering medium for removing microscopic particles as small as five microns (which are invisible to the naked eye). With many pores and sharp corners, DE pool filters do a superb job of trapping this tiny dirt and debris. Thanks to its design, the EasyClean automatic regeneration filter makes it even easier to enjoy the added water clarity that only DE media can deliver. It's the simple, trouble-free, and highly effective pool filter.

Features of the EasyClean DE pool filter include:

  • Exclusive DE cartridge element ensures even water flow and uniform distribution of DE for optimum filtration efficiency - more dirt is trapped per cycle.
  • Standard High Flow manual air relief valve and continuous internal air relief valve work together for superior filtration efficiency.
  • Fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene tank for strength, durability and long life.
  • Available in 60 and 90 GPM models to meet your exact requirements.
  • 2" plumbing for maximum flow and greater efficiency.
  • Durable 8-oz. polyester cartridge media has super-slick surfaces, making them easier to clean than conventional cartridge filters. 
  • One-year limited warranty.

EasyClean's coated DE cartridge traps dirt and debris. As the build-up on the cartridge element grows heavier, DE media and trapped particles can fall from the filter cartridge and settle at the bottom of the housing when the pool pump shuts off. Once of the pump switches back on, much of the fallen DE media rises again and embeds itself back onto the filter cartridge while the debris stays behind. This automatic regeneration delivers maximum cleaning performance without the need to manually clean the cartridge nearly as often.