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The Zodiac G35 Cartridge kills bacteria and controls algae using natural minerals for a clean and clear pool you can feel.
Alternative Sanitizer Features
  • Natural pool filter cartridge
  • Uses natural minerals to filter water
  • Reduces the need for chlorine up to 50%
  • Eliminates bacteria and controls algae
  • Does not stain pool
  • Professional grade
  • Creates softer, cleaner water
  • Up to 35,000 gallons
The Zodiac G35 Cartridge is rated for professional use and creates a safer swimming environment by using natural minerals.The cartridge uses silver and copper to eliminate bacteria and control algae in your pool, reducing the need for chlorine by 50%. This reduces unpleasant odors, skin and eye irritation for a better swimming experience.

The G35 comes with a six month guarantee, ensuring the elimination of bacteria, control of algae without any staining of your pool. The Zodiac G35 Cartridge increases the effectiveness of your filtration system and reduces the need for chlorine to give your pool a safer, cleaner pool that feels more natural with less irritation.