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The latest evolution in automatic pool cleaning technology, the SandShark Pool Cleaner by Pentair Aquatic Systems offers a two-step cleaning process designed to make your pool sparkle.

First, this pool cleaner features multiple rows of little rubber scrubbers that clean the pool surface and dislodge stubborn dirt. Secondly, the powerful vacuuming action of this automatic pool cleaner whisks away both small and large debris with ease, sending it to your pool's filtration system where it belongs. Thanks to the SandShark, hand vacuuming and dirty pools are about to become extinct!

The SandShark Pool Cleaner features exclusive SmartTrac steering which maneuvers the cleaner around tight corners, steps, ladders, and swim-outs. The pool vac scrubs and vacuums from the floor to the tile line. It truly is a "set it and forget it" pool cleaner.

This pool cleaner comes with an adjustable regulator valve and flow gauge to set just the right cleaning speed. The pool cleaner's compact size makes it easy to install and remove. Remove the SandShark from the box, attach the hose, place it in the pool and watch it attack dirt as it prowls around the bottom and sides of your pool. This pool cleaner comes with a two-year limited warranty.

  • No assembly required
  • Devours everything in its path from dirt, sand, pollen, leaves, twigs and insects while helping to scrub away algae, loose scale, and soft calcium deposits. 
  • 2-Way cleaning action - patented footpad design scrubs and dislodges debris from the pool surface while its powerful vacuum whisks it away.
  • Assures complete cleaning coverage from the pool floor to the waterline.
  • SmartTrac programmed steering.
  • Wide body design allows the SandShark Pool Cleaner to cut a broad 12" cleaning path for fast cleaning.
  • No annoying bags to empty or wheels, diaphragms or bags to replace. 
  • Compact size and attractive two-tone colors complement today's pool designs.