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SunTouch Pool Control provides simple and economical control of pool and spa heating and filtration. SunTouch pool control automation system is the easy way to keep your pool and spa clean, comfortable and ready to enjoy. With the touch of a few buttons, you can quickly program your pool and spa filtration and heating cycles to fit your schedule. And it's just as simple to change programs or switch to manual mode for those unplanned, spontaneous plunges into the pool or spa. With SunTouch, your pump and heater automatically run whenever you want, for as long as you want. So your pool and spa are always warm and inviting.

In addition to controlling your pump and heater, the standard SunTouch package has the ability to schedule operation of additional functions, such as your pool lights and automatic pool cleaner. The SunTouch solar mode provides automatic solar heating control using a differential temperature control designed especially for solar-heated swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs. Also included is a solar nocturnal cooling control for optimizing heat control at night. Whenever solar energy is available, the SunTouch pool control will automatically activate a motorized three-port solar valve and/or the optional solar booster pump which controls the water flow direction, and pump water through the solar collectors. The filter pump timer can be set so the filter pump is operating during that time of day when solar energy is available.
  • One-touch function control - no complicated routines to memorize
  • Compatible with gas heaters and solar systems
  • Temperature control can be set in one-degree increments
  • Includes two actuators (for additional features such as pool lights, automatic pool cleaners, or waterfalls), two temp sensors, and three relays
  • One-year limited warranty