Porpoise Standard Hose

The Porpoise Standard Hose has blow-molded construction that satisfies the needs of your swimming pool vacuum and will give you years of operation. This hose has a 1 year warranty.

Porpoise Pro Grids

The Porpoise Pro Grids are made using the highest quality materials with the most advanced methods of construction. Making the Porpoise Pro Grid last longer and the most energy efficient DE filtration possible.Features Include: Less resistance to water flow. Longer cycle runs between backwashes. Water is cleaned more...

Porpoise Rust Stone

Remove stains and buildup from your pool surface with the Porpoise Pool Rust Stone. The Pool Rust Stone can be used by hand or attached to any standard telescopic pool pole. It's very simple and effective!The Porpoise Pool Rust Stone is a great spot stain remover and eliminates most types of stains and deposits includi...

Porpoise Backwash Hose

Porpoise backwash hose is used to drain the pool or remove wastewater from the pool filter. This hose attaches easily to a tapered fitting inserted into the backwash port of the filter and a clamp holds the hose in place. Made of reinforced vinyl that easily rolls up when not in use. Light blue.

Porpoise Platinum Telescopic Pole

This Porpoise Platinum Telescopic Pole is made in the USA and constructed of heavy aluminum. Features Include: Comfortable hand grips. Available in two sizes to accommodate any pool size. Economical but durable aluminum construction that won't corrode or rust even after years of use. Fits standard pool skimmers, pool...

Porpoise 10" Plastic Spa Brush

The Porpoise 10" Spa Brush has a plastic back for a strong, long-lasting performance. It features UV stabilized nylon bristles and a snap adapter that fits most poles.

Porpoise Fine Mesh Skimmer Net

The Porpoise Pool Skimmer Net is made of ABS molded frame with polyester screen netting. The fine mesh will skim the surface of your pool, leaving it sparkling clean.

Porpoise Standard Mesh Skimmer Net

The Porpoise Skimmer Net is a standard mesh net made to pick up leaves and small debris in the pool. It attaches to any standard pool telescopic pole and will give you years of service.

Porpoise Replacement Net for Pro Series Leaf Rake

This replacement net will fit the Porpoise Pro series leaf rake. Includes both the net and frame, so attaching it to the handle is a very easy process. This net replaces the Porpoise B4117SW net.

Porpoise 18" Curved Wall Brush, Nylon Bristles, Metal Handle

The Porpoise 18" Curved Wall Brush features white nylon bristles and a metal handle for a long-lasting, durable brush.

Porpoise Fine Mesh Replacement Net for Pro Series Leaf Rake

This is the NET ONLY for Porpoise Pro Series Pool Leaf Rake with Replaceable Fine Mesh Net item number 02130383.

Porpoise Fine Mesh Replacement Net for Pro Series Leaf Skimmer

This is the NET ONLY for Porpoise Pro Series Pool Leaf Skimmer with Replaceable Fine Mesh Net item number 02130391.

Replacement Fine Mesh Bag for Porpoise Pro Series 18" Heavy Duty Leaf Net

This fine mesh net replaces the net on your 18" Porpoise Heavy Duty Leaf Net.

Porpoise Blow Molded Hose

Porpoise blow-molded pool filter hose is designed for pump-to-filter and intake-return connections. The hose comes cuffed for easy attachment with band-type hose clamps and constructed to be resistant to damage from pool chemicals. The solid silver color inhibits algae growth by blocking sunlight. Economical, durable,...

Porpoise Spiral-Wound Hose

Porpoise Spiral-Wound Pool Filter Hose has single-wall, two-ply construction and a three-year warranty. More durable and reliable than blow-molded pool filter hose, this hose is designed for pump-to-filter and intake-return connections. Perfect for installing new pool equipment or to replace old, brittle pool hoses.Thi...