Porpoise Leaf Vacuum with Wheels and Brush

The Porpoise Pool Leaf Eater with Wheels & Brush is ideal for collecting leaves and small debris from any size pool. Includes a standard bag and hose adapter so it will fit any standard telescopic pool pole. Ideal for pools surrounded by trees; effectively removes large amounts of leaves and other debris from the...

Porpoise Air Pillow

Pool Air Pillows protect your pool from winter damage. Place pool air pillows under your above ground winter pool cover to attract freezing water and relieve the pressure on your pool walls. Air pillows also prevent the accumulation of rain and debris on your winter pool cover.

Porpoise Aluminum Pole Hanger

This aluminum pool pole hanger set is a convenient and neat resting place for your pool pole. It attaches easily to most surfaces, including fences and walls. This fence hook will hold a variety of tools and equipment.

Porpoise Cartridge Bath

Soak and clean your filter cartridge with ease. Fits most common filter cartridges. Use with Suncoast Cartridge Cleaning Tablets to keep your filters clean and working well! *Filter cartridge in photo not included.

Porpoise Motor Cover

Extend the life of your pool pump motor with the pump motor cover. This cover will protect your motor from rain and sun. Just clips onto your existing motor! Vented sides also keeps your motor cool while protecting it from the elements.

Porpoise Floating Animal Thermometer

This floating pool thermometer is available in a fun Gator, Frog or Shark design. The float top is made of durable molded plastic with colorful markings. Features Include: Large easy to read scale. Fahrenheit and Celsius readings. Includes a tether cord.

Porpoise Floating Chlorine Dispenser

This Floating Chlorine Dispenser has a classic foam-filled chamber to give added buoyancy. The twist-lock cap allows access to the large chamber that holds 3 pounds of chlorine tablets. The chlorinating control ring allows for an adjustable flow rate, making this a good fit for any size pool. Easy to use and great for...

Porpoise Floating Pool Thermometer

This floating pool thermometer is easy to read and comes complete with cord and dual degree temperature scales in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Porpoise Plastic Pole Hanger

Double plastic pole hangers (2 pack). Keep poolside tools out of the way. Molded of tough plastic, screws included.

Porpoise Spa Skimmer Net

This spa skimmer net with pole is great for your spa or hot tub. It features a fine net and also has a 5' aluminum pole, so you can reach the whole spa without missing any debris.

Porpoise Solar Spa Cover

The heavy-duty polyethylene material on this spa solar cover works with the sun to catch and retain heat. It helps raise the water temperature by absorbing sunlight during the day and retaining the heat at night. Savings come from a reduction in water evaporation and the material is highly resistant to ultraviolet rays...

Porpoise Vac Hose Hanger

Use these handy hangers to neatly coil and store your pool vacuum hose.

Porpoise Waterfall Fountain

The waterfall pool fountain is designed to create a nice and relaxing sound in your backyard pool. Fountain spray is adjustable in direction and height up to 14' with most pumps. Quick and easy installation. Fits 1 1/2" threaded return fitting. This pool fountain can be used in both above ground and in-ground pools.

Porpoise 18" Curved Wall Brush, Nylon/Stainless Steel Bristles, Metal Handle

The Porpoise 18" Curved Pool Wall Brush features a blend of stainless steel and nylon bristles with a metal handle for a long-lasting, durable brush. This is the perfect brush for everyday use and the go to brush for those tough algae stains!

Porpoise Clear Vinyl Vac Head

The Clear Vinyl Pool Vac Head is a durable weighted vacuum with channel brushes. It has a large suction surface that channels dirt and debris through its large vortex. It fits a 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" vacuum hose and standard telescopic pole.