Use these handy hangers to neatly coil and store your pool vacuum hose.

The Porpoise 18" Curved Pool Wall Brush features a blend of stainless steel and nylon bristles with a metal handle for a long-lasting, durable brush. This is the perfect brush for everyday use and the go to brush for those tough algae stains!

Use this Chlorine / Bromine Floating Feeder in your pool or in your spa for daily sanitizing. Since it holds either chlorine or bromine tablets, it's one product that can do either job very well.

The Clear Vinyl Pool Vac Head is a durable weighted vacuum with channel brushes. It has a large suction surface that channels dirt and debris through its large vortex. It fits a 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" vacuum hose and standard telescopic pole.

This pool leaf rake has an aluminum frame with a heavy duty plastic handle. It has a fine mesh bag to pick up the smallest of debris. It attaches to any standard pool pole and will last for years.

This pool vacuum for concrete pools features a heavy-duty design to concentrate vacuum strength from both ends and front to back. Weighted for balance and eight wheels maximize stability.

This double plastic pool pole hanger set will keep your pool poles out of the way, yet convenient when needed. Attach easily to most surfaces and holds two poles.

This small Floating Chlorine Dispenser is perfect for your spa or small above ground pool. It holds 1" chlorine tablets and has an adjustment to make sure your pool or spa gets the right amount of sanitation.

The Spring Clip 3-Pack is that simple little wishbone-shaped piece of plastic that allows you to attach a telescopic pole to your vacuum, leaf eater, skimmer net or brush.

This chlorine tablet dispenser will give you a steady distribution of chlorine in your pool. An easy-to-use adjustment wheel ensures that your pool gets the right amount of sanitizer. The XL Floating Dispenser holds 9-3" chlorine tablets or 4 lbs of 1" chlorine tablets.

Super Plus Inground Winter Pool Covers offer your pool full winter protection at a great price. To ensure this winter pool cover fits your inground pool, there is an additional five-foot overlap.Features include: Very strong blue polyethylene fabric. Fabric is reinforced with 8 vertical and horizontal threads per inch...

This pool leaf net is a full foot larger than our competitors' nets and provides the perfect year-round pool cover. Use this net to keep your pool free of leaves and other debris. Just remove when you're ready to swim. It greatly reduces cleanup work! Durable, woven mesh fabric lasts for years. This fabric allows wate...

Tests Chlorine, Bromine, and pH in Pool WaterChlorine Test: For amount of chlorine residual in pool or spa waterBromine Test: For amount of bromine residual in pool or spa waterpH Test: For degree of acidity or alkalinity of pool or spa water. This simple water tester is perfect for at-home use!

This brush is designed to clean the corners of your pool. It easily attaches to your tele-pole using a standard spring clip.

This unique chlorinator has a two-in-one purpose. Not only does this chlorine dispenser distribute 1" or 3" chlorine tablets into your pool, it also will show you the temperature with its built-in thermometer. Easy to read and has an adjustable flow rate, so you can adjust the correct amount of chlorine for your pool.