Porpoise Metal Vacuum Handle

The Porpoise Vac Head Handle is made from strong, durable chrome.

Porpoise Economy Flex Vac

This durable and stable Porpoise Flex Vac Head has eight wheels, making movement underwater easy.

Porpoise Master 1.25" Hose

Porpoise Master Hose has single wall, 2-ply construction with a swivel cuff and a 2-year warranty. Sparkling, healthy pools need trustworthy tools! And in pool care, Porpoise is the name you can trust! Over the past 25 years, Porpoise has become one of America's largest suppliers of pool and spa maintenance supplies. F...

Porpoise Economy Skimmer Net

The Porpoise Economy Pool Skimmer Net is made of a durable molded frame with polyester screen netting.

Porpoise Economy Pool Thermometer

The Porpoise Economy Pool Thermometer comes complete with cord and dual degree temperature scales in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Porpoise Tube Thermometer

The tube-shaped Porpoise pool thermometer comes complete with cord and dual degree temperature scales in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Porpoise Standard Mesh Replacement Net

This is a replacement net for the Porpoise Standard Mesh and has the NET ONLY.

Porpoise Cartridges

Porpoise Pool Cartridge Filters are designed to maximize the filtration area, increase flow and create uniform flow distribution through the entire cartridge. Cleaner water and less energy makes Porpoise Pool Cartridge Filters the right choice for your pool!Features Include: The end caps are made from durable, chemica...

Porpoise Classic Flex Vac

The Porpoise Classic Flex Vac Head is made of durable plastic and is weighted for stability. The eight wheels help it glide underwater easily.

Porpoise Life Hook

Porpoise Life Hook Approved for any commercial pool. Fits any standard straight pole. Should not be used with telescopic poles. Also Available: Hardware Set for Safety Pool Hook

Porpoise Plastic Vac Head Handle

The Porpoise Pool Vacuum Head Handle is made from an ABS plastic and fits easily to your existing vac head.

Porpoise Pro Cartridges

Enhanced performance inhibits bacteria growth on these Porpoise Pro Cartridge Filters. Supercharge your filtration with a Porpoise Pro Cartridge Pool Filter.Features Include: Antimicrobial protection agent is infused into the filtration fabric. Prohibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew for cleaner clear water....

Porpoise Algae Brush

Get all the algae out of your pool with the Porpoise Pool Algae Brush! This Pool Algae Brush includes stainless steel bristles and a metal handle and is available in three sizes.

Porpoise Standard Hose

The Porpoise Standard Hose has blow-molded construction that satisfies the needs of your swimming pool vacuum and will give you years of operation. This hose has a 1 year warranty.

Porpoise Pro 1.5" Hose

The Porpoise Pro is a great hose for your swimming pool. Its single wall, 2 ply construction makes this hose not only versatile, but durable as well. This hose has a swivel cuff and a 3 year warranty.