Salinity Phosphate Remover, Qt.

Specially Formulated for Salt Pools. Salinity Salt Pool Phosphate Remover works better and does more than other phosphate removers. Use with Salinity Multi-Purpose Salt Pool Algaecide and Salinity Natural Salt Pool Clarifier for a clear and clean pool.

Suncoast Chemicals Salinity Cell Cleaner

Salinity Salt Cell Cleaner has been formulated to remove calcium buildup which can inhibit performance of your salt chlorinator. Salinity Salt Cell Cleaner is pre-measured and needs no mixing or diluting before use. Specially Formulated for Salt Pools.

Salinity Natural Clarifier, Qt.

Salinity Natural Salt Pool Clarifier performs better than other pool clarifiers. It is the best pool clarifier money can buy! This patented formula reliably keeps salt pools clear - easily and effectively.

Salinity Stain Control, Qt.

Salinity Salt Pool Stain Control stain control is specially formulated for salt pools. This salt pool stain control is designed to meet the demand that salt chlorine generators and high total dissolved solids, or TDS (above 1200 parts per million, or ppm), put on a sequestering agent. In addition to removing metals fro...

Salinity Multi-Purpose Algaecide, Qt.

Salinity Multi-Purpose Salt Pool Algaecide kills pool algae and clears the water in your salt pool without requiring pool closing and without foaming.

Salinity Super Phosphate Remover, Qt.

Salinity Super Phosphate Remover is a highly concentrated solution formulated to eliminate phosphates from your swimming pool. One quart per 10,000 gallons of pool water will treat up to 10,000 ppb (parts per billion) of phosphates.

Salinity Oxidizing Shock, 2 Lb.

Specially Formulated for Salt Pools. Use Salinity Oxidizing Salt Pool Shock whenever pool water appears excessively cloudy, has an unpleasant chlorine odor, or causes eye or skin irritation. This salt pool shock will destroy the contaminants and chloramines that cause these unpleasant conditions. Also, apply after heav...

Salinity Surge Shock, 1 Lb.

The unique formulation of Salinity Surge Salt Pool Shock provides the benefits of oxygen-based oxidization while boosting free chlorine concentrations. This one-two punch keeps pool water sparkling clear by oxidizing and eliminating organic contaminants and helps ensure that sanitizer residuals are maintained.

Salinity Pool Salt, NON YPS, 40 Lbs.

Salinity Pool Salt, available at your local Pinch A Penny pool supplies store, is a high-purity and fast-dissolving salt designed for use in swimming pools that are equipped with salt chlorine generators or automatic sanitizer systems. This pool salt is free of additives that can cause pool stains. This pool salt helps...

Salinity Pool Salt, Fine Grain with Stain Inhibitor, 40 Lbs.

Salinity Fine Grain Pool Salt with Stain InhibitorSalinity Pool Salt is the purest salt available for swimming pool and spa chlorine generators. It's greater than 99% sodium chloride (NaCl); the purity and crystal size are designed to produce the fastest dissolve rate in swimming pools and spas with chlorine generators...