LaMotte Insta-Test 5 Plus Pool Water Test Strips

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Insta-Test 5 Way Chlorine/Bromine test strips are accurate and reliable. With instant-read, you can have results in seconds. Measures Free Chlorine / Bromine, Total Chlorine, Alkalinity, pH and Total Hardness.

Instructions for Use

It is important to carefully read the instructions on the test strip bottle for proper use. There are several tips that will help you consistently obtain accurate results. For example, the reason that the instruction says to read the strip starting with chlorine at the top is because the pH and hardness pads need about 10-15 seconds to fully develop; by the time the strip is removed from the water and the initial three test factors are carefully read, the colors for pH and hardness are ready for evaluation.

Note: A color that appears on the test strip may be between two color chart values. If this happens, record the result as a number in between the values shown.

Note: The magenta (hot pink) values represent bromine test results and are found just below the free chlorine values printed in black.

  • Immerse pool test strip. Swirl 3 times or dip according to directions on bottle. This exposes each pad to the correct amount of pool / spa water.
  • Remove pool test strip with pads face up. Hold the strip level to avoid reactant from one pad running into another pad.
  • Do not shake off excess water. Shaking off excess water could shake off the colored reaction. Read immediately in the order indicated on label instructions to allow the proper reaction time for each pad.