Neptune 2.25 THP Variable Speed Square Flange Motor

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The Neptune™ variable speed pool pump motor is a premium efficient product that includes a fully integrated motor, control and user interface (UI). This U.S. MOTORS® product gives you programming flexibility and speed range capability. It is also designed to communicate and operate with a variety of external system controllers in addition to the onboard UI.

The Neptune variable speed motor is easy to install. By replacing an old single speed pump motor with a Neptune, your customers can keep their properly functioning pump and quickly upgrade it into a much more energy-efficient product. The Neptune is also easy to program. Underneath the lid is a Quick Start guide that provides step-by-step instructions to ensure your customers save energy and properly filter the pool. The Neptune comes with a factory installed run schedule which allows the unit to function after simply setting the time of day.

The Neptune provides rugged construction for longer life. The enclosure is finned aluminum that provides a water ingress protection level of IPX5, which helps achieve a long field life in outdoor environmental conditions. To pass the IPX5 test, a water hose must be sprayed onto the motor from all directions with no water getting inside the motor.

One of the best features of the Neptune variable speed pool pump motor is the quietness with which it runs. The motor control has no switching mechanisms. When the motor is programmed for slower speeds, the sound levels are typically much reduced compared to the homeowner’s old single speed motor-powered pump.