Pentair Boost-Rite Pressure-Side Cleaner Pump

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The Boost-Rite pump from Pentair powers up your pressure-side cleaner to run more efficiently than other booster pumps on the market. It uses an advanced 5-stage impeller design to deliver greater water pressure for more powerful cleaning. The Boost-Rite pump is compact and runs cool. It's also quiet so you'll hardly notice it on your equipment pad. You'll save money with every cleaning while helping your cleaner deliver peak performance to keep your pool looking great!

Features Include:

  • Advanced 5-stage impeller design cuts electricity use.
  • A quieter operation for a more relaxing poolside experience.
  • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) motor runs cooler and quieter.
  • 1/3 smaller than other pumps, taking up less space
  • The Boost-Rite pump delivers greater water pressure for more powerful pressure-side cleaning at significantly less expense.