Retro 10" LED Pool Light With Adaptor Plate

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Multiple Installation Options with the Retro R10 Universal Adaptor

CAM-LOCK Installation

There’s no need for expensive repair work as Retro R10’s Universal Adaptor doesn’t rely on intact niche mounting hooks or screws for successful installation. The patented CAM-LOCKS grip the niche wall as they’re fitted, pulling the Retro R10 Light and existing niche together for a secure, even fit.

Standard Installation

The Retro R10 also supports standard installation methods with its variable hook and screw system. The Hook Tab adjusts without the need for extra spacers or washers to suit all major brand niche tabs.


Fast and reliable Installation with Retro R10’s Quick Connect Plug

Retro-fitting a Pool light should take minutes, not hours. With the Retro Series R10 you can say goodbye to pulling cables through conduit forever! The Retro R10 makes retro-fit installation a quick & simple process. Its UL Listed Quick Connect Plug system attaches directly to the existing cable in the niche, saving time, money and allowing for light replacement when cables cannot be removed.