Solus Chlorine Free Spa Shock

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Solus Chlorine Free Oxidizer Spa Shock is a non-chlorine oxidizing spa shock that has no chlorine odor. Solus Chlorine Free Oxidizer Spa Shock oxidizes organic contaminants such as ammonia, perspiration and suntan oils, and enhances the sanitizing effect of bromine or chlorine in your spa or hot tub.

Solus Chlorine Free Oxidizer Spa Shock:

  • Oxidizes organic contaminants
  • Enhances the sanitizing effectiveness of chlorine and bromine
  • Has no chlorine odor
  • Removes chloramines and bromamines that cause "chlorine odor"
  • Reduces eye burn
  • Increases clarity of spa water

Note: This product is neither a sanitizer nor algaecide. For control of microorganisms in pool, spa, or hot tub water, or for algae control, use an EPA registered product.