Suncoast Complete Multi-Purpose 8oz Wrapped Chlorine Tablet

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Suncoast Complete chlorine tablets combine a water clarifier, stain inhibitor, algae preventative, and de-scaler into a single tablet saving you time and money!

Suncoast Complete 4-In-1 Multi-Purpose Chlorine Tablets contain a proprietary blend of ingredients that will reduce the amount of pool chemicals needed to keep your swimming pool crystal clear. Complete offers you more than a sanitizer  - these 3" chlorine tablets also contain a clarifier, a stain and algae preventer, and a de-scaler to help keep your swimming pool in top-notch condition.  They are individually wrapped for convenience, ease of use, and product purity. Plus, they are packaged in Lite Latch containers with senior-friendly, child-resistant lids. Suncoast Complete Multi-Purpose Chlorine Tablets are great for floating chlorinators or automatic chlorine feeders.

Suncoast 4-In-1  Multi-Purpose Chlorine Tablets:

  • Act as a sanitizer, clarifier, a stain and algae preventer, and a de-scaler
  • Contain 84.65% available chlorine, 94% active ingredient (trichlor)
  • Are slow-dissolving, stabilized chlorinating tablets
  • Are UV protected for extended chlorine life  
  • Are individually-wrapped for convenient, mess-free pool maintenance