Suncoast Concrete Primer Water Based 1 Gallon

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This high-adhesion primer is recommended for floor coatings and can overcome the problem of improperly prepared surfaces prior to painting or staining. Concrete primer  technology penetrates into the concrete and increases adhesion of the topcoat, improving the workability and durability. Can be used in interior/exterior, painted or unpainted, vertical/horizontal concrete, masonry, stucco, CMU block and porous brick surfaces. Also great as a touch-up primer where other coatings have failed.

Note: This product must be top-coated and is not recommended for wood, metal, epoxy/urethane or silicone-treated surfaces.

  • Color: Clear
  • Recommended coverage: 300-500 sq. ft
  • Drying time to touch: ½ to 1 hour
  • Drying time to recoat: 1 to 2 hours