Suncoast Super Metal Control, Qt.

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Suncoast Chemicals Super Metal Control is formulated to remove stains on all pool surfaces and when used regularly will prevent new staining, discoloration and scale. Super Metal Control can also be used when treating your pool for black algae to help soften the hard outer shell which protects the black algae cells.

If used weekly, Super Metal Control will protect your pool plumbing by preventing mineral and metal buildup. This product is essential for pool water with heavy mineral content or well water.
  • Stain solution and super-strength sequestrant
  • Removes and prevents metal stains, discoloration and scale
  • Helps stop mineral and metal deposits
  • Also use with your black algae treatment to soften black algae's hard outer shell
  • Protects pool plumbing
  • Helps improve the appearance of your swimming pool
  • Essential for use with well water or for water with heavy mineral content
Stains contribute to an unappealing swimming pool. If your swimming pool has stains caused by metals, which may be the case if your pool water has heavy mineral content or comes from a well, use a metal-controlling stain treatment. This will also help protect your pool's plumbing by preventing mineral and metal buildup.