Zodiac Nature 2 Express W28175 Single Replacement Cartridge

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The Nature 2 Cartridges attach easily to your cartridge filter and maximize your filtering efforts while reducing your chlorine usage for clean, clear and comfortable water.
Alternative Sanitizer Features
  • Environmentally friendly pool filter cartridge
  • Uses natural minerals to filter water
  • Reduces the need for chlorine up to 50%
  • Improves filtration
  • Reduces unpleasant odors
  • Reduces eye and skin irritation
  • Does not stain pool
  • 6- month guarantee to kill bacteria and reduce algae without staining
The Nature 2 cartridge is made for Hayward cartridge filters and easily attaches to your filter cartridge in minutes for a environmentally friendly improvement to your filtration system. The cartridge uses natural minerals such as silver and copper to kill bacteria and reduce algae. The cartridge gets to work immediately and reduces the need for harsh chemicals such as chlorine up to 50%. This means no unpleasant chlorine odor and less skin and eye irritation for swimmers.

The Nature 2 system is trusted to clean your pool without staining and comes with a 6 month guarantee to kill bacteria and control algae. The Nature 2 is a quick, natural way to clean your pool while cutting back on chemicals for a clean pool that you can feel.