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Bring new life to your pool finish.

If your pool has stains, our helpful staff will determine the right treatment! Our special stain program can help get rid of most stains you may have. If they can't be removed with this method, a surface refresh may be necessary to restore the look of your pool. Our expert techs will clean and wash the surface with a special acid mixture and help return your pool to a like-new finish!

Acid Washing & Stain Treatment
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Stain Identification & Treatment

Simply put, a stain takes away from the look of your pool. Stains can come from many places, including metals and organic materials or from unbalanced water. They can occur anywhere on your pool's surface and cause discoloration and scale formation.

Pool Surface Refresh

If a stain treatment won't work an acid wash may be necessary. A Pool Surface Refresh (acid washing) uses an acid mixture to remove a thin layer of the pool surface. This process eliminates stains or mineral deposits, giving the pool a more appealing finish.

Pool Renovation

At times, a pool surface refresh or stain treatment program may not be able to remedy your situation. Hollow spots, chips or cracks are a sign that you may need a pool renovation. Either way, chances are the look of your pool can be improved!

How It Works

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Treat the Stains

We will perform a test using our proprietary Stain ID kit. This will help us to determine the source of the stain and the best course of action. We will then balance the pool and begin the treatment program to get your surface looking new again!

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Refresh the Surface

The experts at Pinch A Penny will carefully drain your pool and prepare it for the acid wash. The surface will be treated, and then the pool will be refilled and the chemistry will be monitored to make sure your pool and its surface are perfect and you are satisfied with the result.

Hire The Professionals

Because of the labor intensity and the chemicals required for an acid wash, it is recommended that this process is handled by professionals. If done incorrectly, an acid wash could damage your pool's surface and result in costly repairs. Pinch A Penny technicians are trained to safely clean your swimming pool. Get a quote from our professional, licensed Pinch A Penny team today, or contact us for help in treating stains!

If your pool needs more than an acid wash, contact us about a renovation.

Pricing and service plans vary by location.

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