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Pools wear with age, and design trends come and go. Our pool renovation professionals can help you design and update your pool to create a backyard paradise. We have a variety of styles and finishes from all the major brands to update your pool’s tile and coping, or for resurfacing.

Pool Renovation Services

Pool Deck Renovation

Pool Decking


If you are looking to replace or refresh your deck, you have many options. From repainting wood or concrete pool decks to installing new pavers or other stone finishes, we can do it all. We have a wide variety of materials to pick from to match any style or preference.

Pool Finish

Pool surfaces wear down with age. If you see hollow spots, chips or cracks this can also be a sign that you need to resurface, but in some cases you may only need an acid wash. Various aggregate surfaces or natural pebble materials ranging in color and texture are available.

Pool Finish Renovation
Pool Tile Options

Tile & Coping

From natural stone to concrete, there’s a variety of options to choose from. Waterline tile can be the most distinct feature of a pool. Our color, style and material varieties give you thousands of ways to customize the look of your pool. Tiles typically come in four varieties; glass, stone, porcelain and mosaic.

Product, pricing and services may vary by location.

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Is Renovation Right for You?

Looking to learn more about the renovation process? Check out our article on Pool Renovation FAQs. We also have some helpful tips for hiring a Renovation contractor.

If your pool has stains or other blemishes, you may be able to address them with a surface refresh also known as an acid wash. This is a cleaning procedure to help restore the look of your pool. Pinch A Penny also offers stain treatment programs. Learn more about Acid Wash & Stain Treatments.

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The experts at Pinch A Penny can help you with all of your backyard projects. Fully-trained, professional technicians are ready to provide you with best-in-class service so you can get the most out of your pool and backyard.

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