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If you suspect an underwater pool leak, hire the experts.

If your pool is losing water regularly, you may have an underwater pool leak. A leak will make your pool harder to balance and cost you money in water loss and ineffective chemicals. While some leaks, such as equipment and external pipe leaks, can be fixed with a relatively simple pool repair, underwater leaks require special equipment to detect.  Our highly-trained techs will determine the location of the leak and will find an option to fix it as quickly as possible. Your Pinch A Penny expert can detail repair costs and procedures based on the size, type, and location of the leak. Don't throw any more money away on a leaky pool!

Pool Leak Detection & Repair
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Find and Repair Underwater Pool Leaks

The most common places for underwater leaks are the areas where two different materials meet, such as near the skimmer, drains, or returns or at the tile line. Depending on your surface type, pools can also leak through cracks in the finish of the exposed aggregate, marcite, or gunite of your pool. Pools with vinyl liners are also susceptible to tears. Underground pipes that are part of your pool’s filter system can also be culprits. Our experienced techs will use sophisticated detectors like hearing equipment, pressure testing, and dye tests to determine the area and source of the leak.

Listening Equipment

Using sophisticated technology, we can listen for the sounds of water flowing from a pipe underground. We also use a hydrophone to pinpoint leaks within the pool, usually near fittings or cracks. This allows us to target the exact location, regardless of where it may be happening.

Dye Test

We release a special dye into the water around common areas that leak. This is normally a drain, skimmer or a return jet. This will help us to track down where the leak may be occurring. We also use this method to confirm there are no leaks after repairs are completed.


This device uses state of the art sensors and data inputs to determine how much water is leaking from the pool. We use it during the leak detection process to get a baseline of how much the pool is leaking. Then once the leak(s) are repaired, we will use it again to confirm the water has stopped leaking.

Hire The Professionals

Contact us today if you suspect your pool may have an underwater leak. You can perform a simple leak test at home by following the instructions on our blog for the home pool leak test.

Pinch A Penny experts are trained in both finding and repairing leaks. We can work with your situation to determine the best fix, whether it's a patch or a replacement of a component of your pool. Finding and repairing leaks will save you a lot of money in the long run!

Pricing and service plans vary by location.

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