If you’re hiring a pool contractor, it may be the first time you’ve ever had to select a contractor for this kind of work.  A simple internet search for pool contractors in your area will likely bring back an overwhelming list of available builders.  How do you narrow it down and find the right one to build your pool?  We’ve got some tips and best practices to help you make the right choice for the job. After all you want your pool and backyard to look it’s best!

What should I verify with my pool contractor?

Check Their License

In most states and localities, it’s required to take and pass a test to earn a license to perform this type of work.  These licenses ensure that the company performing the work is knowledgeable and competent in that area.  Be sure to get the license information from your potential contractor and verify that it is active.  You can also check to see if any complaints have been lodged against their license for poor work by checking with your state’s business or license regulation department.

Verify That They Are Insured

Accidents can happen to even the most diligent companies.  It’s important to make sure you are hiring a contractor who is insured to cover any mishaps or unknowns.  Sure, in a perfect world everything will go smoothly and your pool will be built without a hitch. But bear in mind that there is a lot of heavy equipment and manpower that goes into a pool build and it will be happening on your property.  It’s best to make sure everyone is protected, and to verify that the insurance information they’ve provided is accurate and current. 

Inquire About Their Warranty

So, your pool is built, you’re ready to go for a swim, now what? Is that it?  Do you shake hands and part ways with your contractor, never to cross paths or speak again? The truth is, even after the pool is built, things can still go wrong.  Parts could be defective and need replaced or additional work may be needed. Be sure to talk to your contractor about not only their insurance during the work, but what is covered after the job is complete and for how long.

Ask About Their Affiliations

Find out if your contractor is aligned with any trade-specific organizations.  Being involved in these organizations not only shows a dedication to their craft, but may also give them additional experience and expertise.  Some organizations offer additional training and certifications that can give your contractor more resources to perform high quality work.

How do I know if a pool contractor is legit?

Ask for photos of previous jobs.

Contractors love taking before and after photos of their work and will likely have a portfolio you can view.  This portfolio will likely show their new pool construction jobs as well as before and after photos showing the benefits of pool remodeling for existing pools. Use this portfolio for inspiration as well as for verification that you’ll be satisfied with the work they can provide.

Check their references.

Talk to people who have worked with them in the past and learn about their experience with the contractor.  They’ll be able to help paint a picture of what you can expect from your own experience.  Be sure that the references are current.  If they only have references that are several years old, this could be a warning sign that their recent work hasn’t been as satisfactory as the work they performed in the past.

Read their reviews.

It’s easy to find out what people think of a contractor’s work by reading their online reviews.  A couple of bad reviews may not be a warning sign, but if there is a string of negative reviews, especially ones that are similar in their complaints, it could be a sign that the contractor is not performing quality work.

Get all quotes and agreements in writing.

Any legitimate contractor will provide you with all of the necessary paperwork in writing, from the initial quote to the work agreement and guarantee.  Do not rely upon verbal agreements. It is always best to have a specific written agreement that you can both reference.  Make sure that everything you have agreed to is on paper so it can be used as a road map for completing the work.

How should I pay my pool contractor?

Before your contractor begins work, you should both be clear on the types of payments they accept and when payments are due.  Be sure to find out if there are any additional charges that could arise due to additional work needed or extensions for weather or other delays.  You should both agree on when the work is expected to begin and be completed, and when payments are due.  Don’t be discouraged if your contractor requires a down payment to begin work.  Securing a down payment to begin paying for materials and supplies is normal industry practice.

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