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Creating and curating custom pools that exceed expectations is our specialty. From design to completion, the trusted builder team at Pinch A Penny can turn any vision for your dream pool into a reality.

At Pinch A Penny, we take the time to educate our customers so they’re confident in every phase of their pool's construction. Whether it's browsing personalized pool features or questions regarding financing—we’re fully dedicated to bringing your backyard oasis to life.

New Pool Construction
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Custom Pool Features

Create your dream pool by adding custom features to make it your own. Below are just some popular features we can add to your pool.

Pool Deck Renovation

Water Features

Turn your pool into a luxury oasis with fountains and waterfalls. Adding water features to your pool's custom design will transform your backyard into a soothing resort-style retreat. 

Fire Features

Fire features can really create a "wow-factor" in a pool's custom design. Set the mood after the sun sets with blazing fire bowls or linear fire burners that warmly glow alongside the pool’s blue water.

Sun Shelves & Tanning Ledges

Enjoy a soak in the sun while staying cool in the pool. Sun shelves and tanning ledges (baja shelves) are finding their way into more residential pools for a resort-style look. 

Pool Deck Renovation


Take your pool design to the next level by incorporating rockwork and grottos into your backyard haven. Expertly crafted and placed rockwork can dramatically change any backyard space into a beautiful retreat. 

Accessibility & Safety Features

Adding pool accessibility features ensures that everyone can go for a swim. From handrails to safety fences, we have something to ensure that everyone can safely enjoy the pool.

Custom Pool Lighting

There’s no better way to create a feel for your pool than with custom lighting features. Whether you choose accent lights or color-changing LEDs, custom pool lights will set the tone for all your nights around the pool.

Product, pricing and services may vary by location.

Our Process

  1. Your Adventure Begins - First Consultation

    Your journey begins as soon as you submit an inquiry form and your questionnaire from our website. A member of our team will reach out to request a copy of your survey and schedule a consultation for the pool of your dreams. 


  2. Get a Custom 3D Pool Design Rendering

    Once your questionnaire and survey are returned to us, then the fun can begin! Our team will reach out and give you an estimate on when you can expect your custom pool design to be complete and then go to work behind the scenes to create your custom pool design and 3D rendering.

  3. Finalize Pool Building Proposal

    After completing your design and initial quote, we will send them to you and follow up with a text and phone call to alert you to their completion. After giving you a few days to review them, we will begin to discuss the next steps in the process.

  4. Evaluate Your Pool Construction Property

    Once the project terms are agreed upon, we can move forward with the construction process. Our team will visit your home to evaluate your property for construction. That way we can assess your yard for slopes, power lines, trees, and other factors to consider when building a pool. 

  5. Pick Your Custom Features

    While we’re handling the paperwork and necessary permits to begin construction, you get to work on the fun part! You’ll visit our store showroom to start selecting the colors and materials you want to use in your new pool. With hundreds of choices available, this is where the real fun begins! 

  6. Get Your Construction Start Date

    Once the permits are in and the subcontractor schedules have been confirmed, we will confirm the dates and schedule a start date with you for your pool construction project. 

  7. Begin Construction Process

    Now that everything is planned and ready to go, the pool construction can begin! You’ll see us begin digging out your pool, installing the plumbing and electric work, and creating your pool’s shell. Later in the process, we’ll work on finer details such as the coping, pool deck, and mor

  8. Complete Inspections Process

    The city and county will be performing inspections throughout the construction of your pool. After construction is complete and your pool is filled and balanced, we’ll begin 28 days of brushing your pool and getting the pool's final inspection by the city and county. Once they approve of the final result, we can sign off on a job well done!

  9. Learn How to Care For Your Pool

    We don’t expect you to be pool experts like we are, but we will certainly teach you to be! After your pool construction is complete, our team will take the time to teach you how to take care of it from treating any pool problem to daily care. We’ll provide you with the equipment you need and enroll you in pool school to teach you all the basics and more! 

  10. Make a Splash in Your NEW Pool!

    Break out the patio furniture, fire up the grill, and call your family and friends. It’s time to show off your backyard bliss! Go ahead and dive in; you’ve earned it!

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Still Have Questions?

Contact us for a first consultation and start planning out your dream pool today. After your initial consultation, we will send over a succinct construction timeline as well as a final proposal. Once that is finalized, our builder team can start building your new private retreat that you’ll cherish for years to come. Contact us today—your beautiful poolside oasis is not far away!

Looking to learn more about the pool construction process? We have some helpful tips for hiring a Contractor.

Interested in renovating an existing pool? Pinch A Penny offers this service as well. Click to learn more

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The experts at Pinch A Penny can help you with all of your backyard projects. Fully-trained, professional technicians are ready to provide you with best-in-class service so you can get the most out of your pool and backyard.

Services vary by location.

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