Backyard pool designs have differed dramatically over the years. Much like fashion trends change with the times, trends in pool building evolve as well. As technology advances, home setups change, and family dynamics shift, so do the features and designs of backyard pools. This year has seen incredible swings in these trends with a hybrid of modern and classic pool styles.

For some time, freeform pool designs were growing in popularity. Having exotic twists and turns in your pool structure and striking pool surfaces gave each pool a unique feel. Now, we see these structures shift to concrete shells with modern square corners. Sun shelves, or Baja shelves, are now frequently seen complimenting these geometric pools, which offer a shallow area to relax in the sun or to splash about. For those looking for a little extra wow factor in their pool, mini-pebble finishes have begun growing in popularity.

Aqua Blue
StoneScapes Mini Pebbles

Aqua White
StoneScapes Mini Pebbles

Midnight Blue
StoneScapes Mini Pebbles

Tropics Blue
StoneScapes Mini Pebbles

Many pools are now being built with attached spas. For these pools, automation systems are a must-have to fully enjoy all that your pool has to offer. With today’s technology, everything from temperature to lighting can be automated to set the tone of your backyard swim. Many pool automation systems integrate with smartphone apps and voice commands, so you can just say the word and set the mood.

It is not just the in-pool features that have ever-changing trends; poolside features and accessories tend to evolve as well. For elegant-looking decking, travertine and marble are becoming the face of grace for many new pools. Coupled with a panoramic screen enclosure, the pool stays clean and bug-free while maintaining the views beyond the pool. Playing with natural elements to enhance the poolside ambiance is also growing in popularity. Not only are fire bowls and sheer descents appearing alongside pools, but combination water and fire bowls are popping up to prove that opposites really do attract.

Like many innovative trends, pool designs are becoming a mix of technological advancements and style preferences. Having a backyard pool is no longer about having a place to cool off in the summer. It is a lifestyle choice. If you are looking to enhance your backyard lifestyle with a new pool or renovation, visit the Pinch A Penny website to find a store near you!

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