Chances are you had much more fondness for your pool when you built it or moved in than you do today.  Over years of use you may be seeing changes in your pool finish, wishing you had color-changing LED lighting, automation options, or even wishing that your equipment pad was in an entirely different place.  You may find yourself wondering, “Is it time to renovate this pool?”

What are the benefits of renovating my pool?

The most common piece of a pool renovation is renewing the pool’s surface.  This can sometimes mean changing the surface altogether, such as changing from quartz to a pebble surface, but it can also include more dramatic changes.  Other benefits of renovating your pool may include:

  • Increased home value
  • Better and more efficient pool equipment
  • Improved safety features
  • Adding water features
  • Adding a spa or sunshelf
  • Updated surface color to change the color of your pool water
  • Updating the waterline tile to something more up-to-date
  • Adding an outdoor kitchen to enhance your backyard

What should I expect with a pool renovation?

Your pool contractor will have a plan in place to make sure your job is done according to their projected timeline.  In a perfect world, things will go 100% according to plan, but projects sometimes shift for many reasons.  Delays at other job sites or due to inclement weather can lead to delays in your project, so be sure to have a plan in place on how these will be communicated and handled.  You may also find that certain equipment or features are required to be updated with the remodel to keep your pool within the current codes and guidelines.  Overall, most potential pitfall can be avoided if you take proper precautions when choosing the right pool contractor, If you do your research and hire someone with a great reputation, like Pinch A Penny, you'll find yourself in good hands for any unforeseen circumstances.

What are the signs that my pool needs to be remodeled?

When it’s time to renovate your pool, there will be some signals that upgrades are needed.  Those signs may include:

  • Cracks and damage to pool walls
  • Severe pool stains
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Equipment is losing its efficiency

What does a pool renovation entail?

When most people think of a pool renovation or remodel, they are thinking mainly about resurfacing the pool’s finish.  While this is a common renovation, it is one of many possible options for remodeling your pool.  More often than not, there are additional considerations that go into the renovation, such as remodeling the surrounding deck and coping, moving the equipment pad to a better location, replumbing the pool, adding water features, or upgrading light fixtures.  It’s worth keeping in mind that most people choose to renovate their pools during the off-season, so you’ll find that pool contractors are often busier during the winter months and may have a longer waiting period to start the job.

How long will the pool renovation take?

The length of time a renovation can take depends on how extensive the remodel is.  While smaller remodels can take just a couple of weeks to complete, larger remodels can require four weeks or more.  These remodels typically include larger jobs, which may include work on the pool surface, the deck surrounding the pool, or adding water features.

If your pool has seen better years, or if you’re looking to upgrade and restore the love you once had for it, our Pinch A Penny stores are ready to take on the challenge!  Whether you’re just looking to resurface your pool or you want a complete backyard overhaul, we’ve got a team that can help transform your pool into the haven of your dreams.  Get a quote today and get started!

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