Fort Lauderdale, Florida spans along 23 miles of the Atlantic Ocean and is known as the “Venice of America” for its extensive system of waterways and canals. Snowbirds from the northern states enjoy spending their winter and early spring in Fort Lauderdale due to the tropical rainforest climate that has little seasonal variation in temperature. This year-round enjoyable weather is perfect for enjoying swimming pools and the beach. Residential pool owners know that Pinch A Penny is the best place to help keep their pools in pristine condition for family and guests.

Aesthetically speaking, swimming pools are beautiful and customizable. Many swimming pools are uniquely shaped and have tantalizing features such as pool fountains, swim-up bars, grottos, waterfalls, disappearing edges and more. A wide variety of pool supplies may be needed to maintain the health and sparkle in these pools including liquid chlorine, pool shock, algaecide, water clarifiers, and water balancers.


For any of your swimming pool needs, go to your local Pinch A Penny store for the best selection and highest quality customer service.