Miami, the second-largest city in Florida, is known for its warm temperatures, sunshine and water. Miami homeowners know that if they aren’t at the beach, their swimming pools are the best way to get a break from the heat. That means that Miami pool supplies like chlorine tablets, pool shock, pool equipment, and pool toys are an important part of many Miami homeowners’ lives.

Home swimming pools are the highlight of family get-togethers and they provide the perfect place to cool off, exercise, and have fun. Adults and children alike enjoy using residential Miami pools. In a warm place like Miami, the swimming pool, is used often and needs only the best Miami pool supplies.

One reason Miami swimming pools need top-quality Miami pool supplies is because of the city’s climate. Miami is a huge agricultural community for citrus growers and other crops due to the perfect growing conditions.  Pollen, fertilizers and pesticides in the area make Miami pool maintenance extremely important. Wind and animals can carry these contaminants throughout the Miami area, including into swimming pools.

Pinch A Penny understands that pool owners will need Miami pool supplies like sanitizers, pool algaecides and pool shock to keep pool water crystal-clear, healthy and algae-free. Miami can count on the Pool Care Experts at Pinch A Penny to have the pool supplies they need to keep bacteria and algae from organic contaminants away from their pools. Pool owners can bring in a water sample from the swimming pool to their Miami Pinch A Penny store for a FREE computerized analysis today! The Pool Care Experts at Pinch A Penny will test for chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, stabilizer and total dissolved solids and recommend the best Miami pool supplies for taking care of any pool water problems.

Tourists enjoy Miami’s world leading resorts with the most beautiful swimming pools for cooling off in the hot Florida sun. For example, the Miami area boasts the historic Venetian Swimming Pool in Coral Gables that was built in the 1920s. Visitors flock there to take a splish-splash in Florida history. This aquatic center is an 820,000 gallon swimming pool unlike any other in America. During the spring and summer, the Venetian Swimming Pool is drained and refilled every day.