Pinch A Penny pool supplies stores are located across the state of Florida and offer products that pool owners can't get online, such as liquid chlorine and pool salt. It is also worthwhile to visit a brick-and-mortar store such as Pinch A Penny for pool supplies because of the specialized knowledge and care for your pool you can get there. As experts in the pool supplies and pool maintenance industry, Pinch A Penny provides not only the best values on pool supplies, but a level of service you simply can't get anywhere else.

When a pool owner has a problem with pool supplies they've purchased, such as not knowing how to use or install them or confusion about the order in which they should be used for the pool, Pinch A Penny is ready and willing to help. And when pool owners need liquid chlorine or pool salt or other pool supplies that aren't available online, Pinch A Penny stores can provide top-quality products and information.

Liquid chlorine is used to sanitize and shock swimming pools. Available in refillable 2.5 gallon containers, liquid chlorine is the most affordable and effective chlorine type available. It dissolves easily into pool water and kills all microorganisms, bacteria, and contaminants and clears cloudy water fast. Liquid chlorine is ideal for pool algae control, but Florida pool owners who are having trouble with pool algae can get help at their local Pinch A Penny pool supplies store with a step-by-step process for treating pool algae.  

Pool salt is another pool supplies product that is popular at Pinch A Penny. Pinch A Penny offers the purest pool salt on the market for swimming pool and spa chlorine generators. Pool salt from Pinch A Penny is greater than 99% sodium chloride (NaCl). The purity and crystal size of Pinch A Penny pool salt are designed to produce the fastest dissolve rate in pools and spas with chlorine generators.

To find out more about what Pinch A Penny has to offer, visit your nearest Pinch A Penny pool supplies store today!