Pinch A Penny utilizes the services of a third-party vendor to allow the submission of ratings and reviews of products sold on our website and to enable our customers to post questions and answers about products. Some personal information, such as your email address, products you purchased, and/or products you are considering purchasing, is accessible to Power Reviews for the limited purpose of collecting and posting ratings, reviews, questions and answers.  Under no circumstance will Pinch A Penny allow information be given to Power Reviews without your consent.  By accepting this privacy policy, you are granting Power Reviews access to your personal information (email address, products you purchased, and or products you are considering purchasing). Furthermore, once you accept this policy, Pinch A Penny's enforceable contract with Power Reviews protects your privacy and does not allow Power Reviews to sell, rent, trade, or otherwise pass your personal information on to others.

Pinch A Penny allows Power Reviews to use “cookies” only to assist the customer, such as preventing the submission of duplicate reviews on a particular product. Pinch A Penny does not allow Power Reviews to use “cookies” to market our customers on their behalf or on the behalf of any other party.