Tampa, FL is located on the west coast of Florida on Tampa Bay, near the Gulf of Mexico. Tampa is home to over 335,709 people, many of which are pool owners. Tampa is bordered by two bodies of water, Old Tampa Bay and Hillsborough Bay, and the area gets plenty of sunshine. Tampa was ranked as the 5th best outdoor city by Forbes in 2008 and many homeowners enjoy spending their time outdoors in their swimming pools and need the best Tampa pool supplies to keep them clean.

This Florida city has a humid subtropical climate and using the correct Tampa pool supplies throughout the year is crucial to having a healthy pool. With hot days and frequent thunderstorms during the Tampa pool season, pool water contaminants are at an all-time high. Rainwater carries bacteria and other contaminants that cause the pool water chemistry to change and become unbalanced. Some of these changes may not be visible immediately but the pH in the pool water will change as soon as rainwater comes in contact with pool water. Rainwater will inevitably raise the pH level in the swimming pool and a higher pH level causes chlorine to become inactive. If you pool has a high pH level the chlorine cannot do its job of killing bacteria and sanitizing the water.

The best Tampa pool supplies to use if your pool season gets a lot of rain are products used for pool water balance. Proper water balance levels are an important element of Tampa pool maintenance. When your pool water is balanced, chlorine will perform at its optimum level and you won’t need to continuously buy and add more. Tampa pool supplies to always keep on hand are a pool water test kit, pH reducer, alkalinity increaser, calcium hardness increaser, pH increaser and pool stabilizer.

Tampa Bay area is famously known as the "Lightning Capital of North America" and Tampa pool owners take pool safety very seriously. If any lightning is seen, swimmers should get out of the pool immediately and go indoors. The National Weather Service Organization has created a website that is devoted to informing people about lightning safety. There is no safe place outside when thunderstorms are in the area. If you hear thunder, you are likely within striking distance of the storm. Just remember, When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors! Many Tampa residents have equipped their swimming pool with Tampa pool supplies like lifeguard equipment and pool signs. Pool signs are good to hang in the pool area if they explain rules and have safety tips for guests to read before going for a swim.

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