Maintaining the Perfect Pool is as Easy as ABC!

You can count on Pinch A Penny to keep bacteria and algae from affecting your pool's sparkle. With the ABCs of pool maintenance and Suncoast chemicals, you'll have the crystal-clear, beautiful swimming pool you want! If you have questions about the ABCs or would like a free water test, visit your neighborhood Pinch A Penny store!

Suncoast Complete Chlorine Tablets

Use Suncoast® Chlorine Tablets in an automatic pool chlorinator.

Suncoast Chlorine Tablets are the strongest, freshest three-inch chlorine tablets you can find. These individually-wrapped, UV-protected tabs dissolve slowly but completely, maintaining the proper free available chlorine levels for keeping your pool healthy. Just place one or two tablets in your chlorinator on the same day each week.

Suncoast Gold Liquid Chlorine

Shock your pool once a week with Suncoast Gold™ Liquid Chlorinating Shock.

Pool shock sanitizes your swimming pool by killing bacteria, controlling algae, eliminating organic contaminants, and creating crystal-clear pool water. Shock your swimming pool on the same day each week to achieve the most benefits from the ABCs of Pool Care plan.

Suncoast All In One Algaecide

Add a dose of Suncoast® All In One Algaecide to your swimming pool 24 hours after shocking.

Algaecide prevents and kills pool algae so your pool will look beautiful all the time.   

That's it! Pinch A Penny guarantees this simple, three-step process will keep your pool water sparkling and beautiful if you follow it diligently. If you have questions, call your local Pinch A Penny store for friendly, professional assistance. If you have a Salt Pool, check out the ABC's for Salt Pool Care.

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