The ABCs of Pool Care for Chlorine Pools

It’s easy to keep your pool sparkling. All you need to know is your ABC’s! And you can count on Pinch A Penny to keep bacteria and algae at bay—to maintain beautiful, crystal-clear water season after season.

A. Use Suncoast Chlorine tabs in your pool chlorinator. Suncoast Chlorine products are the strongest and freshest you can find. They dissolve slowly but completely, maintaining the proper free available chlorine levels for keeping your pool healthy. Just place the correct amount of tablets in your floating chlorinator on the same day each week, or keep the proper level in your automatic chlorinator.

B. Shock your pool once a week with Suncoast Gold Liquid Chlorinating Shock. Pool shock works with daily chlorine as an added defense against bacteria and contaminants. Shock your swimming pool on the same day each week for the highest benefits, and keep your pool in tip-top shape.

C. Add a dose of Suncoast® All In One Algaecide to your swimming pool 24 hours after shocking. Dilute the algaecide with water before adding it to the pool. Algaecide kills and prevents pool algae—so your pool won’t turn green and will look beautiful all the time.

That’s it. The great products from Pinch A Penny make it that easy.

If you have questions about the ABC’s or would like a free (7-point) water test, visit your neighborhood Pinch A Penny store!

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