The Kamado Joe Grill is a popular choice for grilling enthusiasts. This kamado-style grill is made of high-quality ceramic, making it perfect for slow-cooking and smoking. It’s many features and versatility make it appealing for a wide range of cooking and grilling styles. Those chefs who are looking to expand their repertoire of recipes would do well to check out the top 8 accessories!

1. Joetisserie

This durable rotisserie spit (seen above*) is the perfect Joe accessory. Cook over an open flame or smoke long-term for a distinctive charcoal flavor. The Joetisserie has a 120-volt motor that can spin up to 50 lbs. of chicken, pork or beef. It is easy to install and creates a seal with the lid of your Kamado Joe for maximum heat retention. Easy to install and easily adjustable.

2. A Cover

Protect your investment from elements like rain and snow with a high-quality grill cover. Your hinges, gauges and other moving parts will thank you. Extend the life of your bbq with a vinyl custom fit cover. Fits Classic, Big Joe, Junior and stand-alone grills.

Kamado Joe Grill Cover

3. Joe Blow Electric Starter

Make lighting your bbq easier and start cooking faster. The Joe Blow Electric Blow Lighter uses hot air and a powerful fan to light your charcoal in 3 minutes. Also keeps your hands clean and away from heat.

Kamado Joe Electric Starter

4. A Cast Iron Grate

The only way to cook steak! A cast-iron grate gives you the grill marks and experience that no other surface can. Your grill just isn’t complete without it.

Kamado Joe Grill Cast Iron Grate

5. The Grill Expander

Everyone could use a bit of extra space, especially when there is a big party to prepare for. Whether you are cooking wings, oysters or vegetables, the stainless-steel grill expander will give you 60% more cooking space on your grill.

Kamado Joe Grill Expander

6. Kamado Joe Pizza Stone

Few foods have the power to appease a diverse crowd like a quality, wood-fired pizza. Made of high-impact ceramic stone, this stone is made to evenly distribute heat and absorb excess moisture. This gives you perfect crust no matter what topping you add.

Kamado Joe Grill Pizza Stone

7. The Chicken Stand

Beer-can chicken is a popular recipe, and this stand makes it easy. It can accommodate up to a 5-pound bird and a can of your choice (some people use soda or juice). Take advantage of the interior room of the Kamado Joe and cook that chicken upright on the chicken stand, imparting the flavors and keeping the meat moist.

Kamado Joe Grill Chicken Stand

8. A Digital Thermometer

These handy devices let you monitor the temperature of your food from a distance. This lets you prepare other elements, grab a cold one or check up on the game without having to worry that your food will burn. With a wide variety of options, you can find something that works for you. Some models even connect to your smartphone.

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*All images courtesy of Kamado Joe

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