Your backyard is your oasis, and you can enjoy it year-round with the right equipment, such as a fire pit, pool heater and patio furniture set. With endless furniture options, it can be overwhelming to choose what’s best for your backyard. Some of the best patio furniture comes from brands like Windward and NorthCape, which some of our Pinch A Penny locations carry. Below is a list of essentials to turn your patio into your family’s favorite place to be.


What would a patio be without a place to sit? From individual chairs to full sofa seats, you can get seating in a variety of materials. Find what works for you and sit in style!

windward patio furniture outdoor chairs tables


Fire Pits & Tables

One of the easiest ways to add some flair to your patio is with a fire pit or table. This natural gathering place draws the eye and adds to the overall appeal of your pool and patio. It also makes a great place to gather even when the weather is cooler.

northcape grand palm fire pit



Most of us will use our pools and patios in the hot summer months. Protect yourself from the sun and stray rain showers with an umbrella. In addition, an umbrella will make outdoor dining more comfortable. It’s also a great place to keep an eye on the kids without being subjected to the heat of the sun.

Windward Montego Bay Umbrella Patio Furniture



If you want to really up your patio game, you can add a pergola or similar structure to your patio, provided you have enough room. This timeless element will provide shade and privacy to your patio and give you an unforgettable look. A pergola gives you many design and style options as well. Incorporate lights, plants, fabrics and more to create a unique look all your own.

Berlin Gardens Pergola

Berlin Gardens

Ready to take your patio to the next level? Check our Locator Map to see if a Pinch A Penny store near you carries patio furniture.

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