These days it seems like more and more pools are built with salt chlorine generators for sanitation purposes. Salt pools started to become popular years ago as they are much softer on your skin and clothes and require less maintenance.

The salt cell consistently sanitizes the swimming pool by automatically producing chlorine. However, it’s a common myth that salt systems require zero maintenance. You should ensure your salt cell is inspected from time to time, about every 3-6 months depending on the usage your pool gets. Some cells will have an indicator light that tells you when to inspect them. If there is a build-up of calcium (light-colored or flaky deposits) on the blades inside the cell, it will need to be cleaned.

Cleaning A Salt Cell

When it does come time to clean your cell, Pinch A Penny has the perfect products to get the job done! Salinity Cell Cleaner is specifically formulated for salt pools and removes calcium buildup, which can inhibit the performance of your salt chlorinator. Plus, it is pre-measured and needs no mixing or diluting before use. To clean your salt cell, follow the steps below.


Before you begin, know that each manufacturer sells their own cap or plug separately to clean the cell. If you don’t have one, you will need to get one.

  1. Turn the pump off.
  2. Remove the cell at the unions and unplug it from the power supply.
  3. Pour enough Salinity Cell Cleaner to cover the fins inside the cell.
  4. The solution will bubble up, breaking apart the calcium build-up on the cell. The process typically takes 20 minutes or so.
  5. Safely discard the solution by returning it to the pool.
  6. Rinse the cell with a hose.
  7. Reattach the cell at the unions and plug it back into the power supply.
  8. Turn the pump back on.
  9. If applicable, reset the inspection indicator.

If you need any help, your local Pinch A Penny is always available with the products and advice you need. Visit your local Pinch A Penny today!

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