Suction cleaners, such as the Pentair Dorado and Hayward Navi 50 are some of the most popular types of automatic pool cleaners available. They are useful for a variety of pool types and surfaces. They are not as expensive as some robotic cleaners, making them the go-to for many pool owners. There are several models on the market and a Pinch A Penny pool expert can help with choosing the right automatic pool cleaner for your pool. Suction-side vacuums are fairly simple in their operation, but it is important to make sure that they are installed correctly. This will ensure the cleaner is working to its highest capacity.

Attaching the Hose

There are different ways to attach the cleaner’s hose depending on where the hose is getting installed. For example, some cleaners attach through the skimmer. These types may use vac plates and need an adapter. Other types go into a dedicated suction line through a side port on the pool wall. When attaching the hose, it is important to completely submerge the hose to get all the air out. The number of hoses used is also important. Use as many hoses as needed to get to the furthest point, plus one more hose.

Pentair Dorado Suction Cleaner

Using a Flow Gauge

Each pool vacuum needs a certain amount of suction to work. Most come with a flow gauge that you put at the end of the hose where the head would go. This helps to determine if you have the proper amount of suction needed. If you do not, then you will have to adjust the valves or attach a flow adjuster to attain the right amount of suction. Once this is complete, take off the flow gauge and attach the head. Then you are good to go!

Adjusting the Flow

Some suction side cleaners, such as the Zodiac MX8 and Zodiac MX6 are slightly different. Instead of a flow gauge, you must count the number of revolutions the wheels turn in a certain amount of time, then adjust as needed. If you purchase one of these models, ask your local Pinch A Penny expert for help installing it correctly.

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