If you're a golf lover and looking for something fun to do in the backyard, what could be better than your very own chipping green? How about one that floats in the pool? We have the plans,  you can make it at home and save yourself some green! Here is everything you will need to make it yourself.

Item List

For Green:

• 3’x2’* section of artificial turf. It can be bought by the roll or foot. We chose a turf with an 8mm pile that was designed for indoor/outdoor use.

• Utility Knife

• 4 ¾” PVC elbows

• 4 2’ lengths of ¾” PVC pipe (can cut down any length, it is often sold in 2’ sections)

• Plastic bottle or jug (can be any diameter based on how difficult you want the game to be)

• 8 Zip Ties

• 2 Big Boss Pool Noodles

For Flag:

• Wooden Dowel

• Marker

• Scissors

• Craft Paper or similar material

*Using this method, you can alter dimensions of the green if you so choose by using different lengths of PVC and a larger section of turf.


Begin by assembling the frame using the sections of PVC and the elbows.

Cut down the noodles into sections that are about 2 feet long (If making larger, adjust the length accordingly). Run the PVC through the noodles.

Lay the turf out and cut a square section with the utility knife that is a few inches larger than the frame.

Fold over one side, then poke a small hole where you want the zip tie to go. Run the zip tie through the turf and around the noodle and tighten. Place 2 zip ties on each side of the frame. Tip: Do two sections opposite of one another first, then trim down the excess on the sides with the utility knife before securing the other sides.

Cut about 2 inches from the bottom of the bottle you have selected for your cup with the utility knife. Select the spot for your cup and make a series of cuts out from the center in an asterisk shape. Be sure it is about the same size as the cup.

Place the cup inside the hole, secure from underneath with a zip tie or 2 around the cup and folded sections of turf.

To make the flag, cut out a size of your choice and a length of dowel. Then cut a hole at the top and bottom of one side with the utility knife. Place the dowel through the cuts, then poke a hole in the turf over one of the noodles. Decorate however you wish. Place the flag in the hole.

Use a 1’x2’ section of turf for chipping from the deck or patio. Use foam or plastic practice balls, they float and won’t damage screens or windows!

floating chipping golf green

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