Did you know that the majority of debris that enters the water remains on the surface of the water? While brushing and vacuuming are vital steps for maintenance, skimming the pool may be the most important piece of pool and spa maintenance. Bugs, leaves, sticks, grass clippings and other unwanted items float atop of the water surface where only the skimmer can remove them.

Skimming Tips

Proper skimming helps ensure a picture-perfect pool or spa and should be done on a weekly basis. Manually removing debris can also go a long way in preserving the life of your vacuum, filter and pool plumbing. Removing debris large debris is a must so that it doesn’t get caught somewhere it shouldn’t, such as a pump impeller. When skimming, be sure to always have the net in motion, once you stop moving, anything collected may fall off or out of the net.

Pool Net Types

While the wide array of nets available at Pinch A Penny can handle all tasks in your pool or spa, there are some that are more suited to removing certain types of debris. Nets can be either metal or plastic. Metal tends to last longer but costs a bit more upfront. We have deep nets with standard-sized mesh for pools and spas that accumulate lots of leaves, or fine nets to catch minute bugs and particles that float on the surface of the water.

If your pool tends to collect a lot of leaves, especially on the floor, one component to consider is a leaf rake. Designed with a shovel feature on the top of the net, a leaf rake allows users to angle the net so debris can easily be scooped into the net.

Some nets feature accessories, such as a metallic hook on one end designed to remove skimmer lids. You can also lift skimmer baskets out of the niche without bending over or running the risk of reaching into a basket with an animal or other unwanted debris. Combination pole and skimmer nets are also available for pools.

Spa Nets

Spas spend approximately 80% of the time covered, but skimming the spa is still a vital step to help ensure clear water. Typically, spa skimmer nets have a fine mesh, and the net is not very deep, allowing for easy maneuvering in the pool or spa. Some use a combination net and pole that are shorter and permanently attached.


Visit your local Pinch A Penny to see the full selection and get expert advice on the type of pool net you need!

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